In today’s competitive business world, there is an ever increasing need for organisations and professionals to showcase agile behaviour, precede desired business expectations and eliminate repeatable errors. ARG Sigma Group provide the expertise and tools you need to accelerate your progress and transform your business.

As process improvement experts, we don’t adopt a cookie-cutter approach to implementing Lean Six Sigma for our clients. While we draw from our experience with other clients in your industry, we know that each business is unique. We asses your business carefully and then create a strategy that’ll help you enjoy quantifiable benefits. 

Six Sigma does not have formal mechanisms for using knowledge gleaned from one project to inform future projects. Each project team decides whether or not to access earlier improvement records. Successful strategies implemented throughout a company become the basis for future improvement work. The approach we follow is the five-step DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) roadmap, pictured here and discussed in greater detail below.



Higher Productivity

Implementing Lean Six Sigma tools and value-added/non-value added process analysis,help you fix processing problems, boost your process efficiency ratio, reduce rework, and make you more competitive. 

Lower cost, enhanced cashflow

We apply Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in a way that has consistently yielded significant cost savings for our customers.We want your company to be among those that have achieved lower operational costs through LSS.

Process stability and better sales

Achieving sustained improvements through a commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management and positive changes, leading to improved efficiency, quality, delivery predictability, and customer satisfaction.

More Predictable and Shorter Cycle Times

Understanding and controlling common cause variation and finding and eliminating the root causes of special cause variation are the heart of Six Sigma techniques. Working with ARG Sigma Group consultants, team will quickly identify process performance issues that lead to unpredictable project cycles and eliminate them.